About the Windsor Aquarium Society..

Established in 2013, the Windsor Aquarium Society has grown from a small group of hobbyists to the group that we now represent.

Each month we host a meeting that feature Guest Speakers, auctions, raffles, presentations, contests and a chance to connect with like minded hobbyists.

We also hold special events throughout the year such as the SWAP Meets which we started in 2019, Summer BBQ and Bus Trip to the Toronto and surrounding area Aquarium Stores.

Become a member today and you gain the ability to participate in our bowl shows, Breeders (BAP) program, Horticultural (HAP) program, voting and/or participation in the Windsor Aquarium Society Executive and the Online Forum.

We have the following digital representations: WAS Official Online Forum, WAS Official Facebook Page and of course here, the WAS Official Website. Getting to know us has never been easier!

We welcome all Hobbyists of any level whether you are just starting out, or an "Old Timer" with decades of knowledge.


A member of CAOAC (Canadian Association Of Aquarium Clubs) and supporting hobbyists in the Windsor/Essex County area.

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