Gabe Rac-Sabo

President 2016 - Present. Also, has one of the most spectacular fish rooms in the area. While the pictures are impressive, seeing it in person is a whole other level.

Les Turnbull

Treasurer 2013 - Present. Les is one of the original group that first help found the Windsor Aquarium Society. Les has a special interest in Corydoras catfish and is a great resource on them as well.

Christina Bissonette
Executive Member / Social Media

Executive Member 2019 - Present. Christina is the "Shrimp" person in the group (one of many). Always some unique Shrimp and our Social Media Guru for the Society.

Les Turnbull Jr.
B.A.P. (Breeders Award Program)

Breeders Award Program 2019 - Present. Hmmm, another Turnbull?! The Windsor Aquarium Society not only has many family members on the Board but also within the Membership. A hobby for all.

Gary A.MacDonald
H.A.P. (Horticultural Awards Program) / Webmaster / Forum Administrator

Horticultural Award Program 2019 - Present. Plant Guru and Computer guy. Gary is the "go to guy" for Tech support when it comes to Presentations (setup and troubleshooting) along with Web design and presence. Gary recently took over duties from Ryan Iaquinta as the Forum Administrator.

Shelby Alexander
Graphic Artist

Graphic Artist 2017 - Present. Shelby's designs include the Current Windsor Aquarium Society Logo, travel banner and anything Graphic Design related for the Society. 

Ryan Iaquinta
Windsor Aquarium Society Founder

Ryan was also the first President of the Windsor Aquarium Society back in 2013. He still maintains a presence.


A member of CAOAC (Canadian Association Of Aquarium Clubs) and supporting hobbyists in the Windsor/Essex County area.

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