Horticultural Award Program (H.A.P.)

The Horticultural Award Program is designed to help promote the advancement of Aquatic Gardening in the Windsor/Essex County.

Specifically, to recognize the achievements of the members within the Windsor Aquarium Society in the field of growing and propagating Aquatic Plants. We also hope that this will help bring in new and rare species into this area.

For detailed information on how the HAP Point System works at the Windsor Aquarium Society, either go to the Forum to read the rules and regulations here, or download the files below in PDF format.

  • Click here to download the H.A.P. Submission Rules and Guidelines in PDF Format
  • Click here to download the H.A.P. Submission Form in fill-able PDF Format

A member of CAOAC (Canadian Association Of Aquarium Clubs) and supporting hobbyists in the Windsor/Essex County area.

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